World AIDS Day Celebration – #Changing the Story

On the 1st December 2016 we hosted a World Aids Day Celebration event at Repheleng Safe Park in Kwa Thema. This was a time for us to come together with all our safe park members and supporters to share how we are fighting against the spread of this HIV/Aids in our communities.


The event also covered the launch of the five films that were conceptualised, written, directed, acted, filmed and edited by twenty children in the community of Tsakane with our partners the Bishop Simeon Trust (BST) in collaboration with the Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures at the University of Leeds and World Comics Power.

(More about the making of the films here >>

The event started with a welcome from Bafana Kunene (BST Safe Park Programme Co-ordinator) and an address from our managing director Justin Holcroft, he highlighted the challenges that have been overcome and our future plans. We then had a keynote speaker, Mr Bongani Nkosi from the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW), who briefed us about the purpose of the Isibindi model being the provision of child and youth care services to children and youth in their homes by the trained and supervised child and youth care workers. Bongani also emphasised that all

Safe Parks should have an organised structure and deliver on the promises they make to their beneficiaries.

The event was filled with interaction and performances from the Themba Interactive Theatre Company and Safe Park dance groups.



According to the audience, older people need to be open up about sex and educate children about how sex plays a big role in spreading HIV amongst young people. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, it will make a great difference.


The last order of the day was the screening of the five films. The films were thought-provoking and left the audience with the realisation that there is so much more that needs to be done to educate and uplift communities.


Above all, the event was a success and we were all delighted to have come this far with the work that we do.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and made it a platform to discuss current and future challenges, share knowledge and network.


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