Themba Interactive is Southern Africa’s leading applied drama and theatre organisation that uses performance to engage with and teach audiences about sexual reproduction, health and wellness, HIV/Aids and prevention, human rights, social justice and diversity. Themba Interactive’s commitment to social change is embodied in its diverse staff, projects and outreach initiatives within Southern Africa. It is the proud home of the:

  • Themba Interactive Theatre Company
  • Themba Interactive Education, Facilitation and Training Programme

Themba Interactive Theatre Company is one of the leading professional youth theatre companies in South Africa, while the Themba Interactive Education, Facilitation and Training Programme is home to a unique and dynamic team of drama therapists and reflexive practitioners of applied drama.

Themba utilises exciting and innovative applied theatre methodologies to enable dialogue and influence behaviour change in the different communities in South Africa. We offer a number of groundbreaking interventions, such as our free productions to government schools in Gauteng, an initiative made possible by the generous support of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, which has committed to funding the project for three years.

In the past 10 years, Themba has assisted various government departments and private companies in addressing HIV/Aids in the workplace. Our unique methodology has made us the preferred theatre company for World Aids Day and wellness events.

Since 2007, Themba has partnered with the Department of Health and Social Development (Multi-sectorial Aids Unit) in Gauteng to reduce the spread of HIV/Aids and to train peer educators in two correctional centres in Johannesburg.

Themba hosts a number of cutting edge projects aimed at youth development and skills sharing, and aims to become a best practice model for theatre practitioners and groups.

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										Themba actors perform on their newly painted stage

Vision and mission

Our vision
To be an effective model of interactive theatre that enhances participatory dialogue for sustainable social development and transformation.

Our mission
Themba Interactive uses applied theatre to develop sustainable community dialogue, training programmes, and participatory interventions to bring about social behaviour change. We focus on:

  1. Sexual health, reproduction and wellness
  2. HIV/Aids
  3. Human rights
  4. Diversity