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Winners of the Mail & Guardian’s Most Innovative Project in the Investing in the Future Awards of 2007.

Established in 2002, the Themba Interactive Theatre Company is one of the most innovative, longest-running educational theatre companies in Southern Africa. Our team of performers is highly skilled in Themba Interactive Theatre, which is a unique blend of renowned Brazilian artist Augusto Boal’s Forum Theatre and applied theatre techniques.

Our theatre interventions explore:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual reproduction, health and wellness
  • HIV/Aids: prevention and treatment
  • Community capacity building for democracy
  • Advocating cultural and sexual diversity and human rights

Our interactive interventions include:

Where Do I Stand?
An informative play focusing on the importance and proper procedures of HIV counselling and testing. This performance is ideal for serious discussion and debate around the fears and stigma associated with HIV testing.

You Be The Judge!
A thoroughly engaging performance that strategically positions the audience in the role of judge and jury over a judicial matter, through simultaneous dramaturgy.

Sugar Isn’t Always Sweet
Targeted at tertiary level students, this looks at the complex relationships between female students and sugar daddies, and promises to produce hilarious, yet thought-provoking, results.

Is that You?
Perfectly crafted to engage school learners, the storyline centres on the sexual relationship between a grade seven learner and an older teenager. We explore the dramatic tension through role-play and direct audience address, which proves a key drawcard for participatory dialogue among teenagers. This performance is equally beneficial for parents and educators.

Live Positive!
As serious as it is captivating, this story depicts an HIV-positive couple struggling to disclose their status to family members and their community. We also explore life beyond infection, through the eyes of the characters, and experience the complications that stigma poses to effective treatment.

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