How Themba Works

The Themba intervention process ideally looks like this:

  1. Together with you, we agree on project mandate, outputs, outcomes and timelines
  2. Themba puts together a project plan based on our discussions, appoints a project leader and revises until you are happy
  3. Themba team members visit your school, workplace or facility to conduct pre-research. Here, we will note things like beneficiary language, current issues, age ranges, attitudes etc. and will collect benchmark data against the agreed project outputs and outcomes
  4. The Theatre Company will write, develop and rehearse a play to engage with the subject matter in the most relevant way for your beneficiaries
  5. PERFORMANCE TIME! The Theatre Company will perform for your beneficiaries and lead a discussion after the performance – this can get quite heated, as the play will be hard-hitting and will expose a multitude of undercurrents among your beneficiaries
  6. The discussion will lead to a series of action steps
  7. Themba will then begin recruiting and training Peer Educators from within the audience
  8. Themba will continue meeting with and mentoring the Peer Educators throughout the duration of the project
  9. We will collect ongoing M&E data throughout the above steps and provide you with monthly reports on progress


If you would like testimonials on our project work from previous and current funders, please feel free to contact us here